Essential items to pack in your travel backpack

Passport: Your most important travel document should be stored safely away from wandering hands.

Clothes: Try not to overpack. Instead, work with light layers and warm layers—quality clothing.

Underwear: If you're traveling in winter, thermal underwear works wonders! Otherwise.

Water bottle: Out in the field a fresh water supply is vital.

Medicines: Travelers taking prescribed medicine should make sure they have enough to cover the duration of their trip.

Travel guide/phrase book:These days there's an app for everything, but it's worth packing a phrase book.

Hat/cap: An obvious item to pack to keep you shaded when necessary.

Backpack rain cover: Some backpacks incorporate a fold-out rain cover.

Padlock: For peace of mind, pack a couple of padlocks. 

Running shoes: A well broken in pair of running shoes is a must-pack travel item.

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