Exotic British destinations you must visit

Anguilla - Anguilla has an estimated 13,000 inhabitants.

Anguilla - Anguilla's mainland is just three miles wide.

Anguilla - It's the perfect spot for a quiet romantic getaway.

Falkland Islands - The islands lie on the boundary of the subantarctic oceanic and tundra climate zones, making it the perfect environment for arctic wildlife.

Falkland Islands - Temperatures can drop to below freezing and it rains for more than half the year.

Falkland Islands - The islands have an estimated population of less than 3,000.

Bermuda - Bermuda is a tropical paradise for expat professionals.

Bermuda - It offers high salaries and employers often provide a housing allowance.

Bermuda - Bermuda remains a tax haven for Fortune 500 companies.

Cayman Islands - The Cayman Islands are home to the world-renowned Stingray City diving site.

Cayman Islands - The islands are home to an estimated 56,000 residents, many of whom are expats.

Cayman Islands - The islands' economy depends mostly on tourism.

Gibraltar - Nestled between Africa and Europe, Gibraltar is a melting pot of British and Spanish culture.

Gibraltar - Gibraltar is home to the only wild monkey population in Europe.

Gibraltar - Gibraltar's official language is Llanito, which is a mix of English, Spanish, Maltese, Portuguese, and even some Hebrew.

Montserrat - This island used to attract some of music's biggest names before being hit by Hurricane Hugo in the late 1980s.

Montserrat - Montserrat is also home to an active volcano and occasionally experiences showers of volcanic ash.

Montserrat - Montserrat's economy is growing at a rapid rate.

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