Extinct Animals That Lived in Wisconsin

Mastodon:is the most common among several species of Mastodon. Mastodons may look like mammoths, but they originated from a different genus. 

Trilobites:Calymene Celebra were species of Trilobites from the Arthropoda phylum. These species were named the “dinosaur of anthropods.” They lived on the Earth during the Silurian period .

Woolly Mammoths: are one of the largest mammals that roamed North America during the Ice Age. They were so common in Wisconsin that we could find mammoth sites in the area. 

Giant Jellyfish:According to the report, these jellyfish fossils were unlike any other modern jellyfish. The fossilized impressions of jellyfish were about 3 feet (91 cm) in diameter.

 Elk-moose (Cervalces): is an evolution of the broad-fronted moose that originated on the Eurasian continent. Thousands of years ago, during the Late Pleistocene epoch, this species of large moose.

Passenger Pigeon: scientifically named Ectopistes migratorius, are aves from Columbidae family. Pigeons were often described as “rats with wings.” Because of this, some locals were worried .

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