Fabulous facts about fermented foods

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Fermented vs rotten: -When food goes rotten, it is essentially killed and broken down by bacteria. 

Inflammation: - The same study suggests that the biological feature we developed to process fermented food also has some beneficial and anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

Human evolution: - A recent study shows that we physically evolved to benefit from eating fermented foods.

What is it?: - Fermentation occurs when bacteria or yeast get to work and change the starch or sugar found in fresh food into alcohol or acid.

Bacteria: - The human body is home to more than one trillion bacteria. 

Movin' on up: -Raw food actually increases its nutritional value when fermented.

Round of applause for China: - It's believed that the first ever alcoholic beverage may have been fermented in ancient China. 

Life expectancy: -South Korea has one of the longest life expectancies in the world, at 82.6 years.

Kimchi: - Kimchi is the national dish of South Korea and is a staple at most meals.

Kimchi-mania: -It's so popular that every year thousands of Korean women volunteer to prepare kimchi for the poor.

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