Famous site to see before they disappear

1. Jakarta, Indonesia: Indonesia's capital city and center of culture, economics, and politics—and home to over 10 million people—is reportedly sinking at one of the fastest rates in the world.

2. Timbuktu, Mali: The mud brick walls of the mosques built in the 14th-16th centuries are in serious danger because of their earthen architecture.

3. Dead Sea: Experts fear that it will disappear completely if the population keeps diverting the Jordan River’s flow, as it is the Dead Sea's only source of water.

4. Great Wall of China: Over-cultivation, natural wear and tear, and the sale of bricks with historical engravings have already damaged two-thirds of the iconic wall.

5. Manila, Philippines: The capital city is reportedly sinking by about four inches each year due to over-pumping of groundwater and rising sea levels.

6. Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska: The park's 20,310-foot peak, considered the highest in North America, is undergoing startling changes as the ice of its glaciers are melting. 

7. Grand Canyon, USA: The peak has been listed as one of the 11 most endangered historic sites in the US by the National Trust for Historic Preservation because of depreciation from tourism.

8. Great Barrier Reef, Australia: Studies show that more than half of the reef has been bleached to death from rising water temperatures and acid pollution in the corals.

9. Seychelles: The paradise located off the east coast of Africa is disappearing due to an unprecedented rise in sea levels, which is a serious risk to the low-lying islands.

10. Petra, Jordan: The most famous archaeological site in the country suffers from a combination of rainfall, winds, and weathering caused by the hands of visitors.