Fascinating facts about Formula One racing

A pricey pastime -
It’s well known that Formula One is an extremely expensive sport. 

Typical cost of an F1 car -
Varying estimates about the cost of a car range from US$2 million to $7 million to $14 million!

The costs of maintaining an F1 car - On top of the cost of building the car, the yearly maintenance costs of keeping up an F1 car can reach US$350 million!

Gas-guzzlers -
An F1 team car can eat up around 52,000 gallons (some 200,000 liters) of fuel per year, which costs around US$450,000 alone.

Rules, rules, rules -
Formula One is a highly regulated sport and there are over 500 rules that the racing teams need to follow. 

The tire change record - The fastest tire change to date was done by the Red Bull team at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix. They did it in 1.82 seconds!

Fast and furious -
At their top speed, F1 cars can reach around 223 miles (360 km) per hour.

Heart-stopping speeds -
An F1 car can accelerate from zero to 100 miles (160 km) per hour and back to zero within four seconds.

Burning up in the cockpit -
The cockpit of an F1 car gets insanely hot during the race. It can reach up to 122°F (50°C) in there!

Light as a feather -
An F1 driver usually loses around nine pounds (four kg) by the end of the race thanks to this fluid loss. Maybe that’s why Lewis Hamilton jumps so high?

The uniform - An F1 uniform consists of fireproof underwear, their team overalls, a balaclava, and heat retardant boots and gloves.

The helmets -
An F1 helmet is one of the strongest in the world. They are one of the most important elements to protect the driver because the greatest risk of injury is to the head and neck.

Hot brakes -
The brake discs of an F1 car can reach up to 1832°F (1000°C) during a race. This is the same temperature as molten lava!

The sensitivities of an F1 engine - F1 car engines have to be preheated like an oven. It’s impossible to turn over the engine if it’s cold.

The steering wheel -
The steering wheel of an F1 car can have around 20 different buttons. It looks like something you’d find in a spaceship rather than an arcade!

A changing landscape -
Today, Formula One tracks are between two and a half and four miles  long. In 1957, a Grand Prix was held at the Pescara track in Italy, which is 16 miles long!

Lella Lombardi -
Only two women have ever qualified for an F1 race. Italian driver Lella Lombardi was the only woman in history to score a point in a Grand Prix.

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