Fascinating facts you didn't know about Ireland

Potatoes are not native to Ireland: Despite the country’s long-standing association with this starchy root vegetable, potatoes were actually brought to Ireland.

English is not the first language of Ireland: The Irish originally spoke an ancient language called Gaelic, or simply Irish.

The Gaeltacht: Although you’re unlikely to hear Irish being spoken in the streets of Dublin or Cork.

It’s illegal to be drunk in public: Despite the fact that drinking pints is a common pastime in Ireland, as it is in many countries, it’s technically illegal to be drunk in public.

The Irish aren’t the biggest consumers of Guinness: Guinness is perhaps Ireland’s most famous export. Who doesn’t love a pint of the black stuf.

St. Patrick wasn’t Irish: St. Patrick is actually believed to have been from the UK. He was captured and taken to Ireland as a slave.

There were actually never any snakes in Ireland: Despite this popular tale, the fact is that there were never any snakes on the Emerald Isle to begin with. 

St. Patrick didn’t wear green: Time to bust yet another myth about old St. Patrick.

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade: Shockingly, the first ever St. Patrick’s Day parade was not held in Ireland.

The home of St. Valentine: Another famous saint you might not know has connections to Ireland is St. Valentine. 

The harp: Ireland is the only country in the world to have a musical instrument as its national symbol.

Prehistoric population: There’s evidence of human life on the island of Ireland as far back as 10,500 BCE. 

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