Fearsomely fit female celebs over 40

Jennifer Lopez -
Jennifer Lopez entered her fifties looking even fitter and stronger than she did in her twenties.

Charlize Theron -
Charlize Theron may be in her forties, but she's fitter than many women half her age. 

Sarah Jessica Parker -
Leggy SJP has always had killer pins, and she wasn't about to let that change when she entered her fifties. 

Gillian Anderson -
Gillian Anderson is another star looking incredible in her fifties. 

Nicole Kidman -
The Australian actress never seems to age, and she attributes her fit physique to regular running, spin classes, yoga, and an active, sporty lifestyle with her family.

Shakira -
Shakira's hips certainly don't lie: you need to be in tip-top shape to move like she does on stage. 

Courtney Cox -
A keen runner, Courtney Cox never seems to age, even as she edges closer to 60.

Elizabeth Hurley -
Elizabeth Hurley is famous for her envy-inducing physique, but insists she isn't a slave to the gym.

Kourtney Kardashian -
Kourtney Kardashian looks so youthful that it's easy to forget she's in her forties. 

Gabrielle Union -
Actress Gabrielle Union is a real gym bunny, and throws resistance bands, kettlebells, and a whole lot of weighted squats into her regular workout mix.

Jennifer Aniston -
Jennifer Aniston is the poster girl for looking incredibly fit and fabulous in your fifties. 

Sandra Bullock -
Aniston's buddy Sandra Bullock is another workout fiend who looks fitter than ever in her fiftie

Sigourney Weaver -
It takes some strength to do battle with aliens, and actress Sigourney Weaver has looked in awesome shape her whole career.

Christie Brinkley -
Former supermodel Christie Brinkley was a Sports Illustrated regular in the '80s and '90s, and returned to the cover in 2017, aged 63.

Eva Mendes -
Eva Mendes regularly shares workout pics on her social media, and is a big fan of interval training to keep in fabulously fit shape well into her forties.

Heidi Klum -
Heidi Klum has supermodel-level genetics on her side, but she also knows the power of moving her body to keep her looking fabulous for life. 

Victoria Beckham -
Being married to a former soccer star might help Posh Spice find extra impetus to push her fitness levels.

Kate Hudson -
As the founder of fitness wear company Fabletics, it's no surprise that Kate Hudson is in seriously good shape. 

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