Fish With Big Eyes

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Telescope Goldfish: The telescope goldfish has big, round eyes which help them see better in dim light.

Horse-eye Jack: The horse-eye jack has big eyes because it lives in shallow water.

Barracuda: Barracuda has large eyes for hunting prey.

Blue Shark: Blue sharks have big eyes. They also have a long snout, and they live in tropical waters.

Squirrel Fish: The squirrel fish has Big eyes which help them to see better at night. 

Swordfish: They also have large mouths, small brains, and they live in cold waters.

Bigeye Fish: The eyes of priacanthids are large and protrude from the head. 

Rockfish: Rockfish has big eyes. They also have large ears and a long tail.

Dwarf pufferfish: The dwarf pufferfish has Big eyes that help them detect movement.

Pearlscale: The size of the eye depends on the age of the fish. 

Celestial Eye: Celestial Eye have big eyes. They also have long bodies and large fins.

Panda Telescope: Panda telescope goldfish has large eyes that give them a unique appearance. 

Heteropriacanthus: They also have a snout, which helps them catch prey. 

Lemonpeel angelfish: They also have a white ring around their eye, which gives them a unique appearance.

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