Food for thought: popular food idioms and sayings

Bacon -
Why do we work? To "bring home the bacon," right? This popular phrase is all about earning an income and supporting the household.

Bun -
Buns in particular have a few popular sayings associated with them. One is having a "bun in the oven," meaning being pregnant. 

Dough -
Like bread is used as a reference for money, so is dough. So if you're "rolling in the dough," it means you have a lot of money!

Cherry -
The "cherry on top" is a reference to the detail that would make an already good situation, or thing, perfect.

Cookies -
Strong people (both physically and emotionally) may be called a "tough cookie." If someone is clever, then they may be called a "smart cookie." 

Cucumber -
It's an achievable goal to be "cool as a cucumber." This means you are calm and relaxed.

Goose -
Who hasn't been on a "wild goose chase," right? We mean hopelessly spending time pursuing something unattainable.

Honey -
"You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar" is a popular saying. Indeed, you're more likely to get the result you want by being nice than the opposite.

Mustard -
If something "cuts the mustard," then it meets expectations and requirements.

Nuts -
Going/being "nuts" is popularly used to describe someone 'crazy.' And while not technically a nut, "peanuts" can be used to make reference to a small amount of money.

Omelets -
"You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs." Yes, sometimes collateral damage is unavoidable when trying to achieve a goal.

Oranges -
"Comparing apples to oranges" is a reference to obvious differences.

Peas -
Are you and your best friend like "two peas in a pod"? It means you're very much alike.

Tea -
If you're not a big fan of something, you can say "it's not my cup of tea." If someone "spills the tea," then it means someone has disclosed sensitive information or is simply gossiping.

Sugar -
"Give me some sugar" is a cute way to ask for a kiss.

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