Popular foods that are way older than you thought

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Butter: -Huge quantities of butter have been found across Ireland and Scotland, where it was stored in the low-temperature.

Bread: -Bread, of course, is perhaps the single most enduring food staple of humankind. Bread has been around for even longer.

Cheesecake: -Cheesecake remains one of the most popular desserts around the world, even 2,000.

Popcorn: -Corn, or maize, was the primary crop for most of ancient Mesoamerica, and there wasn't much they didn't use corn for.

Pot pie: -Pot pies might evoke images of the cold and cozy hearthstones of North America.

Pancakes: -Pancakes are a truly timeless comfort meal, dating back at least 5,300 years ago. 

Honey: -Honey is famous for being practically imperishable, and has been found in numerous ancient Egyptian tombs.

Tamales: -Tamales are an ancient meal of the Americas that date back even further than the time of the Mayans. 

Noodles: -Noodles of all shapes and sizes have been a staple of the human diet around the world for thought.

Curry: -Curry, as we know it today, is usually defined by three main ingredients: ginger, garlic, and turmeric.

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