foods that should be on your grocery list

Pearl barley
Though less popular than couscous, rice, and quinoa, pearl barley has a very interesting texture, always retaining a bit of crunch. Add it to soups or stews.

As well as making a pleasant change from rice, quinoa is a good source of protein.

Think you have some in the back of a cupboard? Double-check that it’s still in date! Yeast is a living organism that dies over time, so make sure you’re storing it correctly.

Baking powder
The final essential item for any baker is baking powder, not to be confused with baking soda.

 These staples keep for a long time and can be the foundation for a lot of different meals.

Three cups of popcorn contains a good amount of fibre and very few calories.

Couscous is yet another alternative to rice or quinoa and takes just a few minutes to prepare.

Perfect for keeping hunger locked up until lunch, a breakfast of oatmeal will also provide you with a good dose of soluble fibre, which is particularly good for your health.

Every good kitchen should have a bottle of a neutral oil (peanut, canola, corn, etc.) and a bottle of olive oil. 

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