Delicious foods named after world destinations

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Gruyère cheese: -This popular hard cheese recognized for its earthy, nutty palate has been produced in the region around the small town of Gruyères .

Baked Alaska: -Baked Alaska is not from where you might automatically assume. 

Parmesan cheese: -Made from skimmed or partially skimmed cow's milk, Parmesan cheese is a hard, dry cheese known for its characteristically strong.

Bisque: -A bisque is a French style of soup that is made from crustaceans, such as lobster, langoustine, crab, shrimp, and crayfish. 

Eton mess: -A traditional summer dessert dish from England, Eton mess is a delectable confection of crunchy meringue, whipped cream.

Santorini tomato: -Unique for the fact that the fruit is exclusively cultivated on the island of Santorini in Greece.

Satsuma mandarin: -Opinion is divided on whether this tangy and succulent fruit comes from Wenzhou, a well-known production area of mandarin oranges.

Buffalo wings: -One of America's great bar foods and appetizers, Buffalo wings—deep-fried chicken wings coated or dipped in a hot cayenne pepper sauce.

Linzer torte: -Recognized for its distinctive lattice lid, Linzer torte, a rich and buttery, nut-flavored pastry sandwiched together with red currant jam.

Kobe beef: -An incredibly rare and luxurious treat, Kobe beef is distinguished as a tender, flavorful meat prized for its luscious marbled fat.

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