Foods that almost never expire

White rice -
While brown rice can only last around six months due to its oils, white rice can be kept indefinitely.

Honey -
One of the only foods that actually lasts forever—and it’s natural! The oldest honey ever found was 5500 years old.

Maple syrup -
While fake maple syrup does have a shelf life, the real stuff does not. As long as it remains unopened, you can keep this around forever.

Canned coconut milk -
If powdered milk isn’t your thing, try canned coconut milk. Cook it into your food or use it for your baking needs. It will last for more than a year.

Red wine - Not all wine is created equal. While commercial wines may last from one to three years, fine wine will stick around for decades. 

Dried beans -
While they may not be the tastiest things after an extended period, beans are still good to eat 30 years later, according to studies.

Olives -
Good for anything from appetizers to martinis, unopened jars of olives have a shelf life of up to three years.

Hard liquor -  If stored properly though, your hard liquor can last as long as you need it to, until the moment is right. 

Sugar -
Stored in an airtight container (as long as you keep water and bugs out) you can sweeten your food for as long as you like.

Spam - One of the least shocking entries on this list, spam is made to last. However, it may surprise you that it may not last forever.

Vinegar -
The acidic components of vinegar make it self-preserving, so its shelf life has been categorized by the Vinegar Institute as “almost indefinite.”

Vanilla extract -
This delicious baking staple has just enough alcohol in it to keep the bacteria away, ensuring an almost indefinite shelf life. 

Protein powder - Lucky for you, it has been estimated that whey protein can last up to 18 months.

Cornstarch -
A key ingredient to numerous recipes, cornstarch kept in a cool, dry place can be used forever. It’s a good investment for all of your thickening needs.

Coconut oil -
In addition to numerous other uses, coconut oil is also one of the better cooking oils, as it has an infinite shelf life.

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