Foods that strengthen your immune system

The best way to cook them is to boil them very little, so as to take full advantage of these components.

Dark chocolate, rich in cocoa, contains theobromine. This is a substance that protects white blood cells from molecules that are produced when food is processed or makes contact with contaminants. 

Crustaceans have a large amount of zinc, which is necessary for the cells that regulate the immune system.

They contain basic elements to increase the defenses and sugar molecules that favor its immune function.

This is a yellow spice used in many varieties of curry. It is an anti-inflammatory and can help with muscle damage, especially from over-exercise.

This fruit contains vitamin E, a fundamental antioxidant that also strengthens the defenses.

Citrus fruit
 It is advisable to eat them every day. Among other things, they help prevent colds.

Garlic prevents colds and is effective against fever, as well as lowering blood pressure.

Nuts in general, and almonds in particular, contain vitamin E. In addition, it contains the fats necessary for it to be optimally absorbed to maintain a healthy immune system.

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