Strange foods you won't believe people used to eat

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Cockentryce: -A cockentryce was an English delicacy from the Middle Ages that is reminiscent of Frankenstein's monster.

Mice: -In Ancient Rome, cute little dormice were a special treat enjoyed by the wealthy. 

Calf's foot jelly: -Calf's foot jelly was a dish made by boiling calves' hooves until the natural gelatine came out. 

Whale poop: -Whales tend to ingest a variety of sea creatures like squid and octopus.

Torpedo fuel: -Sailors during WWII used to drink an improvised cocktail called torpedo juice. 

Rôti sans pareil: -This recipe from 1807 consists of 17 birds stuffed inside each other like Russian nesting dolls.

Black iguana eggs: -The Mayans used to farm black iguanas for their unusual eggs.

Savory jellied salads: -Sometime around the end of the 19th century, people lost their damn minds.

Ambergis: -The waxy excretion known as ambergris is extremely rare and is sometimes found floating in tropical oceans.

Beaver tails: -In the 17th century, the Catholic church declared that beavers counted as fish because they were semi-aquatic. 

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