Foods you should never freeze

Bone Broth and Stock:
An easy way to store bone broth or stock is to pour it into ice cube trays and freeze them. 

Whether you are making a homemade hummus recipe or purchasing a larger tub of store-bought hummus, hummus is a food that actually freezes really well. 

Nuts and Seeds:
You may consider purchasing nuts and seeds in bulk to save money, but consuming all of those nuts and seeds can be nearly impossible before they go bad. 

If you are not eating an entire loaf of bread in one week, you may risk spoilage sooner than you would like.

Ginger is another ingredient that you usually only need a small amount of at a time, which means you are left with a lot of leftovers. 

Fresh Herbs:
Fresh herbs like cilantro, dill, parsley, rosemary, sage, or thyme are all usually sold in large bunches, which is usually way too much for one recipe.

Cookie Dough:
Avoid the effort, labor, and time involved in making a fresh batch of cookie dough every time you are craving a sweet treat.

Flours and Grains:
Baking flours and grains are usually sold in larger quantities and if you do not want to risk them going rancid before your next bake-off, consider freezing them.

Frozen bananas have a creamier texture than fresh bananas and can even be blended into a dairy-free ice cream substitute. 

Frozen avocados tend to become mushy after freezing so use them in homemade dips, guacamoles, or sauces.

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