Fun and easy tricks to teach your dog

Benefits of trick training -
Trick training is not just a way to show off how cool your dog is and how you’re a great owner (though it does a great job doing that, too!).

Benefits of trick training -
Training involves time, and spending time with your dog will not only increase your bond with each other, but it will also improve behavior and obedience.

Benefits of trick training -
Trick training will also teach your dog (and you) about patience. Your dog will understand he’ll have to work for something in order to get a reward.

Respond to their name -
Most dogs pick this up naturally, and sooner or later will respond to their name. This is particularly true if you own a puppy. 

Sit -
This is usually the first trick we try to teach our dogs. The goal is for your dog to sit on his own whenever you say the word “sit.”

Lay down -
This is yet another basic trick that is really important to master. Say “down” or “lay down” as you do so, and reward your pooch when he lays down.

Stay -
Getting your dog to stay still is a great way to help them remain calm and control their impulses. For this one, both a vocal and a physical cue should be used. 

Come! - Walk away a few steps and hold a toy or food and prompt him to “come” or “come here.” Then reward the animal with the treat or toy. 

Go to bed -
Place their bed/blanket a few steps away, then say “go to bed” and walk with your dog to their bed. Repeat it until your dog responds to the command and goes by himself.

Fetch -
Getting your dog to retrieve an object is not only great exercise, but it’s also a lot of fun! You’ll want to encourage your dog to interact with a toy or ball.

Shake -
"Shake hands" is a popular and cute trick to teach your dog. Starting in the seated position, hold your closed hand with a treat inside in front of your pooch’s chest and say “shake.”

High five -
The process is similar to that of the “shake” command, except you will want to hold your hand (with a treat) a bit higher.

Quiet -
Of course, it also helps if your dog stops barking on command. To do this, say the word “quiet.” As soon as they pause or stop barking altogether, praise your pooch.

Take a bow -  An easy way to encourage your dog to do so on command is by saying “take a bow” when they do so naturally and then praise them.

Kiss - If you want your dog to “kiss” on command, just put a little bit of peanut butter on your cheek or hand and say the word as they lick it off your face/hand.

Hug -
Who doesn’t like a nice hug, right? Dogs are huggers too, if we teach them how to. To do so in a seated position, kneel in front of them and place a treat on your shoulder. 

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