Fun Facts About Black Panthers

The animals are melanistic, meaning they have dark-pigmented fur, specifically a black coat or large clusters of black spots set against a backdrop of dark fur.

Black panthers are actually leopards

One of the notable features of Black Panther's supersuit are the retractable vibranium claws attached to the tips of the suit’s fingers.

Black panthers have retractable claws

 Jaguars and leopards have sprinting speeds of about 30 to 40 miles per hour, allowing them to capture fast prey like impala and antelope. 

The cats can run fast

Jaguars and leopards have unique ways of marking their territory, including using their claws to rake down trees. 

Black panthers are extremely territorial

In the original Black Panther, T’Challa uses his suit’s night-vision optics to spot enemies after dark and take them down. 

Black panthers have extraordinary eyesight

black leopards are also common in Asia, where, as in Africa, they are mostly found in dark, dense and wet jungle habitats.

The cats are native to three different continents

the king of an underwater kingdom, and if the sequel sends its hero into the ocean, rest assured that jaguars and leopards are amazing swimmers.

Black panthers are great swimmers

Jaguars and leopards have an acute olfactory sense that aids in their survival, helping them identify friends and foes in the wild. 

They have an incredible sense of smell

Marvel's Black Panther sneaks up on enemies before subduing them. Similarly, jaguars and leopards use stealth while hunting.

The nocturnal cats hunt by stealth

 leopards are pregnant for about three months before giving birth to a litter of about two to four cubs .

Typical pregnancies last three months

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