Getting to know the world's highest plateau

Where is the Tibetan Plateau: The Tibetan Plateau lies at the intersection of Central, South, and East Asia between the Himalayan.

What is the Tibetan Plateau: This vast plateau encompasses all of the Tibet Autonomous Region and much of China's Qinghai province.

A vast land: With an area of 2,500,000 sq. m (965,000 sq. mi) and an average elevation exceeding 4,500 m.

Welcome to the "roof of the world: The plateau is surrounded by mountains and uplands, an area crowned by two of the world's highest peaks.

A vital water source: The Tibetan Plateau serves as a vital water source for numerous rivers and streams in the region.

The Holy Lakes: The three holiest lakes in Tibet— Yamdrok Tso, Nam Tso, and Manasarovar.

Himalayan wolf: Wildlife enthusiasts regard the Tibetan Plateau with particular awe.   

Tibetan yak: One of the most iconic creatures found roaming the plateau is the yak.

Tibetan antelope: Listed as Near-Threatened by the IUCN, the Tibetan antelope prefers flat, open plains.

Snow leopard: The Tibetan Plateau region has the highest density of snow leopards on the planet. 

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