Gift ideas for the guitarist in your life

Band t-shirts -
Everyone who starts playing guitar is inspired to do so by a musician or band. All you need to do is find out who inspired them to play.

Guitar strings -
Every guitarist will break strings. It's a fact of guitarists' life, and it's unavoidable, so some guitar string packs will always come in handy for them.

Guitar pedal -
There is virtually a world of guitar pedals out there that will do anything from distorting a sound to looping. Every guitarist enjoys pedals.

Guitar hook -
Guitars are expensive and annoying to try to prop up. You only realize the value of a guitar hook after letting a guitar fall and break in half.

Guitar stand - If the person has enough space and you have the extra cash to dish out for a stand, it'd be much appreciated.

Guitar maintenance kit -
People who have been playing for a while will realize the value of a guitar maintenance kit, and it's only a matter of time until beginners do too. 

Guitar strap -
These are great because there is virtually a world of guitar straps, from fluffy luminous green ones to tan-brown leather. Choose one that suits their personality.

Guitar strap locks -
This is another tiny thing that many guitarists only realize is necessary when their guitar falls from the strap while they're performing.

Foot tambourine -
These are great for keeping rhythm while playing guitar.

Music posters -
Every musician was inspired by someone, so music posters are a no-brainer when buying for any guitarist.

A microphone -
This goes hand in hand with the recording, but also for performing. Pointing a Shure SM57 at the 12th fret of an acoustic guitar works very well for playing live.

Lessons -
No matter what level you're at, getting some lessons is always beneficial.

Concert tickets -
As they're learning guitar and are a music fan, they will certainly enjoy going to a gig to see one of their favorite bands.

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