Going braless benefits and beginner advice

Benefits: comfort - In the long term, many women report that once they get used to going braless they have a greater sense of freedom and comfort with their bodies.

Benefits: better circulation - Most women know the constricting sensation of wearing a bra for hours.

Benefits: better sleep - If you’re one of those people who wears a bra in bed, you’re bound to get a better night’s sleep once you release yourself from that burden!

Benefits: less boob sweat! - Anywhere skin touches skin on your body is going to be a sweat factory.

Benefits: skin health - As bras absorb sweat and dirt from the skin, they can cause skin irritation and even acne. Clogged pores in that area are no joke!

Benefits: kill the taboo - Breasts aren’t inherently sexual. Their main function is to produce milk for breastfeeding.

Myths: going braless is promiscuous - This is a common concern among those who go braless for the first time.

Tips: start small - It’s often the idea of stepping outside with no bra on that can be the most intimidating.

Tips: focus on your posture - If you rely on your bra to provide support for the weight of your breasts, improving your posture can help.

Tips: pasties - The reason many people wear bras is to prevent anything 'explicit' showing through their clothes.

Tips: fashion tape - Fashion tape is a special double sided tape that’s safe to stick to your skin.

Important note! - Going braless is not recommended when you’re exercising! If you've ever tried free-boobing it while running, you'll know why. Ouch.

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