Halt for these male celebs in heels

George Clooney -
Clooney isn't a small man. Nonetheless, he sports some classic heels from time to time.

Tom Cruise -
The Hollywood actor also wears heeled shoes more than his fair share. But he's famously short, so they're definitely an advantage to wear!

Kanye West -
Kanye West appeared on the Meta Gala pink carpet in 2018 in a fabulous pair of tan heeled boots.

Drake -
Drizzy Drake is a big fan of heeled dress shoes. And why wouldn't he be? He looks great in them!

Prince -
The 'Purple Rain' singer used to dress fiercely. He's photographed here in a white outfit with matching heels.

Jared Leto -
The American actor and musician is almost too cool to look at. His white heels go smashingly with his pinkish blazer.

Justin Bieber - Taken a few years back, Bieber looked like money attending 'Bieber Roast: Afterburn' in 2015. Maybe the extra few inches made him feel more comfortable during the onslaught!

Bono -
Allegedly, Bono wears high heeled dress shoes to formal events to add a few inches to his height!

Vin Diesel -
Vin Diesel is photographed here in relatively high heels for the European premiere of 'The Lion King' in 2019.

Harry Styles -
Harry Styles attended the 2019 Met Gala in this impressive netted top and black heels.

Zac Efron -
Efron's a little shorter than many of his male peers, which might be why he's a fan of heels.

Daniel Radcliffe -
The 'Harry Potter' actor dresses quite conservatively. A simple navy blue suit and brown heeled shoes work like a charm for him.

Shawn Mendes -
The singer oozed sophistication and style at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. The heels added some inches to his already tall and slim stature.

Cody Fern -
The 'American Horror Story' star attended the 2019 Met Gala in these bubbly blue heeled boots.

Troy Sivan -
The Australian singer-songwriter looked stunning arriving at the 2021 Met Gala in a simple, low-cut black dress with super funky heels to pair.

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