Harry Styles in amazing looks

Sequins - Harry Styles at Coachella 2022. Dressed in a sequined jumpsuit, he gave a stunning performance, and literally sparkled!

Black with a twist - At the 2023 Brit Awards, Harry Styles seemed to go for a look that was a bit soberer: a black tuxedo.

No shirt - While performing at the 2023 Brit Awards, the artist shone with this red sequined blazer, no shirt underneath, and pantaloons.

His own touch - At the Venice Film Festival, Styles put a new spin on a fashion classic. He sported a royal blue blazer with shoulder pads and boxy tailoring. 

Famous jumpsuit - The striped jumpsuit made all the difference on stage at 'The Citi Concert Series' in New York. The outfit was so striking and playful that it became a trending topic online.

Viral outfits - In another performance, on the Today Show in New York, the singer wore a colorful knitted cardigan made by Jonathan Anderson's brand.

Dots - Even while wearing a more traditional model, Style surprises us. This was the case with his red-carpet appearance at the 2020 SiriusXM and Pandora event in New York. 

Vintage - Harry Styles was inspired by the 70s colors and suits for the red carpet of the 2021 Brit Awards.

Pearls - In 2020, the British singer revived the trend of necklaces made of pearls, and he introduced them as an item for men.

Color - Harry tends to go for strong colors with special touches. This was the case with the dazzling yellow suit, made up of three pieces and wide stitching, combined with a purple shirt and a bow.

Transparency - When he attended the 2019 Met Gala, Harry Styles rocked a black look full of transparencies, developed by Gucci. The outfit became one of the most talked about in the fashion world.

Blue and gold - This Gucci suit with a blue and gold print made Harry Styles look good on his tour in 2017.

Rings - When Harry Styles picks his accessories, rings are not left out. They give a special touch to the overall look.

Modestly daring - For the release of the movie 'Dunkirk', Harry turned up in a black suit. It may have seemed traditional, but the hem of the pants had white and red accents.

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