Haunted places around the world

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The town of Belchite, in Zaragoza (Spain): If we talk about ghost towns, a special place must be reserved for the Spanish town of Belchite, near Zaragoza.

Xochimilco Island of the Dolls (Mexico): Legend has it that a man named Julián found the body of a drowned woman here.

Eastern State Penitentiary of Philadelphia (USA): Philadelphia's Gothic-style Eastern State Penitentiary operated from 1829 to 1971. Al Capone himself spent time there. 

Dakota Building in New York (USA): The Dakota Building in New York, the one in which John Lennon was murdered and where Roman Polanski's film 'Rosemary's Baby' was filmed.

Chapel of Bones in Évora (Portugal): This Portuguese chapel built by the Franciscan friars at the end of the 16th century in the Church of San Francisco is terrifying.

Plaza Mayor in Madrid (Spain): The Plaza Mayor in Madrid was the scene of the trials of the Holy Inquisition. Until 1798, many people were executed there, and more than two centuries later.

Hill of Crosses (Lithuania): This hill full of crosses, located 11 kilometers from Siauliai (in northern Lithuania), is full of legends about its origins.

Woodchester Manor (England): Woodchester Manor in the Cotswolds, England is one of Britain's most haunted houses.

Bhangarh Fort (India): To speak of Bhangarh Fort is to speak of one of the most bewitching places in India. It is said to have been cursed by a magician. 

Hotel Stanley in Colorado (USA): The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is another enchanted place that appears in a cult film. Part of the film 'The Shining,' directed by Stanley Kubrick.

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