Haunted places around the world

Aokigahara (Japan) - In Japan's famous 'forest of those who kill each other,' an expanse of trees where silence reigns, there are many legends of wandering ghosts.

Crumlin Road Gaol Belfast (Northern Ireland) - This Victorian-era prison is located in Belfast. It's not very surprising, therefore, that people claim there are ghosts roaming its halls.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Canada) - According to the stories of some guests, the ghost of a woman regularly appears there.

Winchester House in California (USA) - This is one of the most haunted houses in the United States.

Bhangarh Fort (India)- To speak of Bhangarh Fort is to speak of one of the most bewitching places in India. It is said to have been cursed by a magician. 

The town of Belchite, in Zaragoza (Spain) - If we talk about ghost towns, a special place must be reserved for the Spanish town of Belchite, near Zaragoza.

Woodchester Manor (England) - Woodchester Manor in the Cotswolds, England is one of Britain's most haunted houses. 

Greyfriars Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland - Greyfriars Cemetery, in Edinburgh (Scotland), is one of the most terrifying places due to the poltergeist stories that surround it. 

Xochimilco Island of the Dolls (Mexico) - Legend has it that a man named Julián found the body of a drowned woman here. 

Chapel of Bones in Évora (Portugal) - This Portuguese chapel built by the Franciscan friars at the end of the 16th century in the Church of San Francisco is terrifying.

French Quarter in New Orleans (USA) - The French Quarter of New Orleans is completely haunted. Marie Laveau, considered the voodoo queen of New Orleans, was born and lived there.

Island of Poveglia (Italy) - The island of Poveglia, located between Venice and the Lido in northern Italy, was once known as the 'Island of the Dead.'

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