Have you got what is takes to be a man

Be true to yourself -
Behave according to your beliefs—do what you think is right. Remember that no matter how hard it gets, you have to remain true to yourself.

Seek out mentors -
Getting the best out of yourself often requires the help and advice of others. Seek out mentors with proven success in the area(s) you wish to improve.

Develop personal development -
Make personal development a lifestyle choice. Enriching your own self-awareness provides a sense of direction and a better work-life balance.

Build self-discipline -
Similarly, self-discipline—emotional discipline and self-control—can help you find motivation and identify obstacles as you pursue your goal.

Travel more -
Get out more! Travel is a great leveler. It makes you happier, and lets you disconnect and recharge. And you don't have to travel far. Seek out anywhere that exposes you to new things.

Appreciate the value of money -
Get your money right. If you haven't got all you want, but have all you need, then you're halfway to appreciating the value of money.

Control your drinking - An unhealthy appetite for alcohol will quickly lose you friends, and that includes the ladies.

Get toned -
While mindful of all the clichés, there's no doubt that a toned body does wonders for self-image.

Be more complimentary -
Try giving at least one compliment a day, either at work or in the home. 

Learn to cook -  A guy who can cook is not only doing himself a favor, he's able to teach others how to eat properly. 

Eat healthily -
Eating properly invariably means eating healthily. It's worth seeking out alternative and health food stores and also asking around for recommendations. 

Don't be meek -
Don't be too nice. That's not saying be aggressive or unkind. But projecting an overly meek attitude can be misconstrued as weakness. 

Improve your communication skills - Start by paying more attention to how you speak and the words you use. And look people in the eye when talking to them.

Love animals -
A man who demonstrates a love of nature and who cares about the environment will win many fans. And if they are animal lovers, too, that will certainly get tails wagging.

Bond with the family -
If you're a family man, it's imperative you bond with your kids as early and as regularly as possible. 

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