Help children deal with a seriously or terminally ill parent

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Emotions: Children with a seriously or terminally ill parent may feel a lot of anxiety and fear.

A sense of responsibility: Older children and teens may also feel responsibility for the parent’s illness, and even an increased.

Isolation: Sometimes children will withdraw and isolate themselves from family member and.

Denial: Some kids refuse to believe that their parent is seriously ill.

Act like they're younger: Children may regress, meaning that they do things the way they did when they were younger.

Different understandings: Children at different ages have different understandings of serious illnesses and death.

Change in behavior: Children may also have trouble leaving the ill parent to go to school, have temper tantrums.

Refuse to listen: Some kids may refuse to listen to an explanation of what’s going on, or even pretend nothing is wrong.

Breaking rules: Some display their sadness and anger by refusing to go along with the family rules.

Possible reactions: And with different understandings comes different types of reactions. 

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