Here's what you can do in Kansas

Kansas State Capitol: Topeka has served as the capital of Kansas since the territory became a state in 1861. 

Kansas State Capitol interior: This is one of the few capitols in the United States that continues to offer tours that go to the top of the dome.

Wichita: The largest city in Kansas, Wichita began as a trading post on the Chisholm Trail in the 1860s.

Botanica, The Wichita Gardens: One of Wichita's most popular visitor attractions—and certainly its most fragrant—is Botanica.

Sedgwick County Zoo: Among the over 3,000 animals of nearly 400 species resident at Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita are several lions.

Mid-America All-Indian Center: Anyone interested in Native American culture will be richly rewarded at Wichita's Mid-America All-Indian Center.

Museum of World Treasures: Prehistory is very much the theme at the Museum of World Treasures in Wichita. 

Old Cowtown Museum: Mentioned earlier as the nickname of Wild West-era Wichita, Cowtown has been recreated as an open-air history museum.

Exploration Place: Overlooking the Arkansas River, Exploration Place is another fascinating Wichita museum, this one all about science.

Wichita Art Museum: This handsome portrait called 'Mr. James Otis' was painted by New England artist John Singleton Copley (1738–1815) in 1760.

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