Hidden messages in famous company logos

Tour de France: The white circle is a bicycle wheel, the "R" in TOUR is a person, and the "O" is the back wheel.

Dell: The company's founder, Michael Dell, said that the goal of his company was to "turn the world on its ear.

Pinterest: You may think there's nothing special about a "P" placed in the middle of a bright red circle

Gillette: The angled letters of Gillette are meant to look razor-sharp.

Beats by Dre: You may think this simple logo is just a "b.

Google: The Google logo is made up of primary colors, except for that green.

FedEx: It's easy to miss the hidden message of FedEx. 

Adidas: Most people focus on the company's name.

Amazon: The go-to place for many shoppers, have you ever wondered what the little arrow at the bottom of the logo means.

Apple: Why does the tech giant have a bitten apple as its logo.

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