Holly Willoughby's fabulous life in photos

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Holly Willoughby as a child - Holly Marie Willoughby was born on February 10, 1981, as the youngest daughter of Brian and Linda Willoughby.

Holly Willoughby and her sister Kelly - Holly has one older sister, Kelly Willoughby. The difference between them is two years. 

Dyslexia - It's remarkable that Holly Willoughby wrote a number of books because she's had to cope with dyslexia. 

Holly Willoughby as a teen model - Holly loved Drama in school. When she was fourteen years old, talents scouts spotted her as a model and she signed up with the agency Storm. 

Holly Willoughby at age 18 - When she was seventeen, in 1998, Holly began modelling underwear and lingerie. This is a still from a commercial she did for Pretty Polly in 1999.

Switch to TV - Two years later she would have her first shot at a TV career, winning an audition in 2000 to participate in the program 'S Club TV' on CITV.

Blond and blonder - The step to television meant that Holly no longer appeared as a brunette or redhead. She even dyes her hair platinum blond sometimes.

This Morning - Holly Willoughby is best known for hosting the daily program 'This Morning' with Phillip Schofield. 

Fashion - And then there's Holly Willoughby's stunning looks: every day something new. Before the show, she always posts a head-to-toe image of herself with the latest outfit.

Ministry of Mayhem, where she met her future husband - The children's entertainment show 'Ministry of Mayhem' (2004-2006) was produced by Dan Baldwin. They got married in 2007.

Holly Willoughby's wedding - By the time they married in August of 2007, Holly Willoughby was already a star. The wedding became a media event.

Celebrity Juice - With her best friend Fearne Cotton and Keith Lemon, Holly Willoughby appeared for many years (2008-2020) in the hilarious panel show 'Celebrity Juice.'

Talent shows - In addition to 'Celebrity Juice,' 'Dancing on Ice,' and 'This Morning,' Holly Willoughby appeared in talent shows like 'The Xtra Factor' and 'The Voice'. 

Holly Willoughby's net worth - Holly Willoughby's net worth has grown to a respectable number of £10 million, Hello Magazine reports.

Three children - Holly and Dan's three children, Belle, Harry, and Chester, were in the house while their mum prepared to go on TV.

Holly Willoughby, up close and personal - Holly Willoughby, the 'golden girl' of TV, has spent uncountable hours on our screens and won numerous awards. 

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