Hollywood's most legendary lips

Marilyn Monroe - Of course, the blonde bombshell’s legacy lives on in Hollywood. She popularized the bold red pout and always left us wanting more.

Megan Fox - The actress has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe and a pout to match.

Jennifer Lawrence - This may come as a surprise, but J-Law is also leading the lip game. Women looking for a more natural, realistic lip look to this star, Beauty Fix Med Spa reports.

Ashton Kutcher - This may also be a surprise, but apparently Kutcher's lips are one of the most desirable for men.

Gemma Chan - The brilliant British actress always has impeccable makeup to highlight her best features (all of them).

Kylie Jenner - The Kylie Jenner pout (after she had lip fillers put in) has been one of the most highly requested procedures for patients in recent years.

Priyanka Chopra - The winner of Miss World 2000, actress Priyanka Chopra has mind-boggling lips, on which she reportedly only uses lip balm.

Angelina Jolie - The actress' lips have been a hot commodity for years, long before lip fillers became popular. 

Christina Aguilera - The singer's lips are reportedly one of the most surgically requested.

Eva Mendes - The fullness of Mendes' lip is reportedly often requested, as it adds vibrance and youth to other facial features.

Beyoncé - Bey is one of the top requested lip augmentations due to the natural, yet full appearance.

Harry Styles - Styles has one of the most surgically requested lips among male patients, reportedly due to the little lift on the corners which resemble a constant smirk.

Jessica Alba - Women love the star's perfect pout. 

Kerry Washington - They're desirable as they are, but her famed lip quiver on 'Scandal' has become a star of its own.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - If you look up "bee-stung lips," you'll just find a photo of this stunning model.

Liv Tyler - For the women who weren't fortunate enough to have inherited Steven Tyler's lips, many have gone to the surgeon.

Brad Pitt - Naturally, Pitt's perfect lips are also one of the most surgically requested.

Lana Del Rey -
When the singer entered the scene, rumors about surgery abounded, but either way, that puffy pout has been inextricably linked to her moody melodies.

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