Horrific trials by ordeal throughout history

Trial by fire: A trial by fire was used for women who were accused of adultery. 

Trial by fire: Another example would involve the woman picking up an object from the fire, such as a hot coal. 

Trial by fire: An early example can be found in Hinduism, more specifically the trial of Sita in the Ramayana.

Trial by fire: Queen Emma, the mother of Edward the Confessor, is yet another famous example of an accused woman.

Trial by lot: This is a sort of divine version of the “drawing the short straw” method. 

Trial by lot: They would then pull one of the rods randomly. If they pulled out the one with a cross first.

Ordeal by bitter water: Sotah is a Jewish practice found in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) used to establish whether or not a wife.

Ordeal by bitter water: The accused woman would have her hair exposed (which was a big deal for Jewish women.

Ordeal by diving: According to a 19th-century book published by The East India Company.

Trial by combat: This was a popular one in medieval Europe. But if a duel sounds like a fair way to resolve a dispute.

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