Horror stories from Disney parks

People keep trying to spread loved ones’ ashes: Surreal as it seems, people spread ashes on rides around the parks.

You must be this tall, and this smart: A woman was trying to get on the Space Mountain ride with her kid who was apparently too short.

Letting everyone know love is a fairy tale: An employee of Cinderella's Castle reported that a family of four came in for dinner.

The lines for the bathroom were too long: In the Magic Kingdom, a grown man strapped into a ride simply could not hold.

Even when there’s toilets, there’s mess: A custodial employee was cleaning the bathroom when an old lady came in, went into a stall.

They grow up so fast: The line to meet Queen Elsa is extremely long, and children are known to get cranky. 

Frightening ignorance: More bizarre with regards to the state of human intelligence, several guests have reportedly asked employees.

Parents of the year: Sure, adults want to have fun too, but one couple tied their leashed child to a pole.

Imposter: A woman dressed as Snow White roamed belligerently drunk round the park.

Someone mistook their child for Simba: According to one employee, some drunk riders unbuckled their infant.

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