How animals keep cool in the heat

Sweating: Humans aren't the only animals with sweat glands. Other animals, such as cows, horses, monkeys.

Sweating: Sweat is made mostly of water, with some potassium, salt, and other minerals as well. 

Sweating: Sweat is produced in sweat glands, which are activated by the hypothalamus.

Mud: Animals that don't sweat must find other means of cooling off.

Mud: Similar to sweating, wallowing helps animals cool down via evaporation.

Mud: As water from the mud evaporates from an animal's skin, it carries heat away and brings down body.

Ears: The large ears of a jackrabbit (hare) contain a network of blood vessels.

Ears: If the outside temperature is above their internal temperature, the blood vessels dilate.

Ears: Elephants also use their ears for temperature regulation.

Panting: As we all know, our breath is hot. So when animals want to cool down.

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