How colors affect our mood and emotions

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Bright red: -However, in certain tones, they can make us feel like we need to take action. 

Green means quality: -We associate green with freshness and also with quality.

Warm colors: -Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange can make us feel excited, happy, and optimistic.

Bright green makes for a good day: -Generally, the lighter and brighter the shade of a color is, the more effective it will be in lifting our mood.

It's not just the color: -The way colors affect our emotions depends on whether it is warm or not.

Bright colors and pastels: -Colors that make us happy are (yes, you guessed it) bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, and red.

Cool colors: -Cool colors like blue, green, and purple make people feel calm and relaxed.

Purple: -Purple is also known to make people feel more creative, hence its cultural significance in rock music.

Red makes us hungrier: -The color red also gives people more of an appetite.

Browns: -Browns can make us feel strong and reliable, but in large quantities it makes us sad.

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