How cool are these unusual winter activities

Speedriding - Chamonix in the French Alps is famed for this exhilarating winter leisure pursuit, a blend of paragliding and skiing that lets you ride/glide the slopes at incredible speeds. 

Snowkiting - There's an American snowkiting school in Utah's Ogden Valley with a reputation for excellence in this uplifting pastime. All you need is a power kite and an appetite for excitement.

Ice climbing - Here's a real cliffhanger of a winter sport. Ice climbing is not for the fainthearted. 

Ice karting -
The frozen lakes of Kuusamo in Finland welcome reckless wannabe F1 drivers whose only desire in life is to tear around a frozen circuit while bumping off the opposition.

Equestrian skijoring -
This is what horse power is all about! Equestrian skijoring teams skier with charger. Lake St. Moritz in Switzerland is where the sport of skijoring was invented.

Harness racing - Harness racing at White Turf is adapted for the frigid winter conditions. Instead of using wheels, the cart sits on skis.

Ice sailing -
Fort Erie, a town on the Niagara River in Ontario, Canada, is well known as an ice sailing venue. With no waves to slow you down, iceboats can reach amazing speeds. 

Snow polo -
Popular winter sports at the resort town of Zakopane in Poland include skiing, snowboarding, sleigh rides, and snow polo. Saddle up and have a ball!

Skibobbing -
Attach a bicycle-type frame to skis instead of wheels and you have skibobbing. Head for Austria and the national championships to see the best "bobbers" in the business.

Bandy -
Not quite ice hockey, bandy is a team winter sport played with a bandy ball and a bandy stick.

Snow scooting - Another magical and fun way to get down the mountains, snow scooting is the combination of a freestyle scooter and snowboard. No wheels, but plenty of thrills.

Snow tubing -
A great one for kids... and for adults who want to discover their inner tube, er, child! 

Sleigh ride -
Give Santa the boot and let a wildlife expert take the reins on a sightseeing winter safari. These nature lovers are enjoying a guided tour of Wyoming's National Elk Refuge.

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