How cool is cashmere

Raw material -
Cashmere wool is a fiber obtained from the cashmere goat. These sturdy, sure-footed beasts call the Himalayan region of Kashmir and the East Asian steppe home.

"Mantle of kings" -
Cashmere has been described as the "mantle of kings" for its luxurious, velvet-like texture.

Production process -
The intricate cashmere production process requires fibers to be separated by hand from the animals' coats. It's a time-consuming process.

Cashmere shawl -
By the 18th century, trading in cashmere had introduced the iconic cashmere shawl to the Western world. England and France were enthusiastic clients.

Royal approval -
Joséphine Bonaparte, Empress of France, was an early customer of cashmere. She was rumored to own hundreds of shawls.

Why is cashmere costly? -
Cashmere is costly because it takes the wool from three to four goats to make just one coat. 

Cashmere suit -
The 20th century saw cashmere become more accessible to the general public. And the material was also being used increasingly in men's fashion.

Jump in popularity -
But where cashmere truly became popular was in the manufacture of jumpers, sweaters, and cardigans.

Cashmere sweater -
Cashmere fiber is hollow. It's therefore extremely soft and light. Sweaters work almost as undergarments, their fine texture delicate to the skin.

For all seasons -
This makes cashmere a material for all seasons. It's warm and soft, but at the same time light and resistant, its hollow fibers keeping the wearer warm and dry.

Accessorizing with cashmere -
Besides jumpers and sweaters, pure cashmere can be can dyed and spun into yarns and knitted into all sorts of accessories.

Cashmere scarves -
Scarves, together with gloves and socks, can all be knitted using pure cashmere.

Custom cashmere -
Cashmere fashion extends to custom-made apparel. Cashmere wool can be woven into a variety of styles and it has some natural stretch, so it will not lose its shape.

Cashmere suits -
Cashmere and cotton blends are a good choice for formal office wear or lighter summer-weight suits.

Cashmere coats -
Coats are one of the most desirable items made from cashmere. The fabric's relative resistance to wear and tear is one good reason to invest in one.

Cleaning cashmere -
Cashmere garments should always be handwashed. Use liquid soap or premium hair shampoo with two-in-one conditioner in clean 30°C (86°F) water.

Washing cashmere sweaters -
Cashmere jumpers and sweaters are best turned inside out before washing. Soak for five minutes before gently squeezing and rinsing.

Long-term investment -
Purchasing cashmere is an investment. And looked after properly, your cashmere garment will help enhance your figure, and your fashion status, for many decades.

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