How cool is cashmere

Cashmere shawl
By the 18th century, trading in cashmere had introduced the iconic cashmere shawl to the Western world.

Royal approval
Jos├ęphine Bonaparte, Empress of France, was an early customer of cashmere. She was rumored to own hundreds of shawls.

Cashmere goat populations
Besides northern India, there are sizeable cashmere goat populations in China and Mongolia. 

Raw material
Cashmere wool is a fiber obtained from the cashmere goat. These sturdy, sure-footed beasts call the Himalayan region of Kashmir and the East Asian steppe home.

Centuries-old industry
Cashmere wool production dates back hundreds of years to at least the 17th century. 

Jump in popularity
But where cashmere truly became popular was in the manufacture of jumpers, sweaters, and cardigans.

Production process
The intricate cashmere production process requires fibers to be separated by hand from the animals' coats.

Cashmere wool is prized for its soft, fine, and delicate qualities, and because it's three times more insulating than lamb's wool.

Cashmere suit
The 20th century saw cashmere become more accessible to the general public. And the material was also being used increasingly in men's fashion.

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