How countries got their nicknames

Italy - The Boot -
One of the most famous nicknames of any European country, Italy earned this playful nickname due to the shape of the Italian Peninsula.

Brazil - Pindorama - Many choose to affectionately refer to the massive country of Brazil by its pre-colonial name.

Vatican City - The Holy See -
The Catholic city-state of Vatican City, the smallest country in the world, is routinely referred to as the "Holy See."

Ukraine - The Bread Basket of Europe - The vast, grassy steppes and endless farmlands of Ukraine have earned it the nickname of the "Bread Basket of Europe.

Finland - Land of a Thousand Lakes - Finland is home to just under 188,000 lakes. In relation to its people, that's one lake for every 26 Finns!

Croatia - Land of a Thousand Islands - The jewel of the Balkans along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia's nickname is fairly straightforward. 

Egypt - The Gift of the Nile - The Nile River, apart from being the longest river in the world, is immensely important not only to Egyptians.

Bulgaria - Land of Roses - Bulgaria has long been associated with its breathtaking natural growths of roses.

Albania - Land of the Eagles - Albania's culture is deeply intertwined with the symbol of the eagle.

Canada - The Great White North - Canada is known as the snowy crown on top of the Americas, a land with towering mountaintops and crystal clear glacial lakes. 

Ireland - The Emerald Isle - Ireland has always been associated with the color green, and for good reason.

North Korea - The Hermit Kingdom - Ever since North Korea all but closed itself off from the rest of the world, it has often been referred to as the "Hermit Kingdom."

Thailand - Land of Smiles - While Thailand is known for its particularly friendly population, the nickname "Land of Smiles" goes a bit deeper than that.

Rwanda - Land of a Thousand Hills - The round-topped mountains that roll through the lush hills of beautiful Rwanda, including five volcanoes.

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