Do you know how to defend yourself in these situations

Fight or flight: There are only two courses of action possible in such scenarios.

Fight or flight: Sometimes, however, you are confronted with the scenario and it’s too late, or you don't have the chance to escape. 

Preventative measures: Now, let’s take a look at some basic concepts you should grasp before a dangerous situation arises.

Trust your instincts: The first thing you should consider in the face of a potential threat is trusting your intuition. 

Trust your instincts: Does that person or group look suspicious for whatever reason.

Don’t make yourself an easy target: Don’t make yourself an easy target. The shortcut you’re taking is too dark at night.

Look and act confident: Bad guys prey on the weak. If you look distracted, frightened, or confused.

Look and act confident: Attackers want an easy mark, so walk like you know where you’re going, and be confident about it.

Set strong verbal boundaries: Talking yourself out of a bad situation is a great skill to master.

Don’t assume a threatening, confrontational stance: It’s important that you don’t hint that you are ready to fight to defend yourself. 

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