How to develop a healthy conscience in children

What is a conscience: In modern times, a conscience is an internal awareness of a moral standard.

Parents play a big role: While the nature vs. nurture debate is interesting.

Be the role model: You cannot teach your child to be different or better than you.

Mind your own words and actions: Children pick up on everything you say and do, so if you do good and speak well.

Show children empathy: Empathy can be a difficult skill for kids to learn, and it’s also one of the most crucial.

Express your own feelings clearly: Feelings are an essential part of the guiding tool of conscience.

Teach them to label their feelings: Getting into the habit of labeling our emotions is so important.

Introduce them to nature: Teaching children early on about how everything in the world is a connected system.

Demonstrate respect even in small ways: As parents, making sure you never litter, give priority seats.

Have respectful arguments: Kids should learn how to argue from their parents.

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