How to promote civility and respect around you

Why civility matters: Demonstrating civility means showing regard for those around us and being thoughtful and polite. 

It fosters empathy: Practicing civility can actually help you become a more empathetic person.

It helps to dissociate from negative emotions: Being more civil makes you view situations more objectively.

It makes you a kinder person: By actively being more civil, you'll be a much kinder person towards others.

It makes you logical and fair: Being civil can help you reason with logic and fairness. It also prevents you from lashing out.

It makes you optimistic: Civility towards others will eventually instill optimism within yourself.

How to promote civility: So, how do you promote civility in your day-to-day life? Well, there are a number of ways to do it.

Pay attention: Simply being observant and considerate can go a long way toward making others feel valued.

Be inclusive: No one likes to be left out. If you notice that you've excluded someone unintentionally.

Acknowledge other people: Take your time to recognize others.

Respect even a subtle "no: One of the most basic rules of respect is accepting another person’s "no," even when it's subtle.

Be respectful of others' time: Be aware of how you manage your time, as it can impact other people. 

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