How to raise a mentally resilient teenagers

"Most parents want to enable healthy growth environments for their kids. But what they often forget is that parenting requires hard work, more on themselves than on their children.

"Like adults, children too, are susceptible to mental health conditions. Exam and academic stress, peer and social media pressure, unhealthy relationships, abuse, trauma, bullying etc.

"Acknowledge and celebrate their presence. While moving beyond the logical and helicopter parenting mind frames, you’ll observe that your children are always in the process of change and their growth.

Modification through yoga-based meditative modalities:For teenagers to build a sense of self-worth and appreciation,they need to become self-aware and work on a thriving relationship with themselves. 

Journaling and visualisation are incredible manifestation tools that can build their self-esteem. Teach them the values of gratitude,forgiveness,acceptance and love for a fulfilling and peaceful life.

Instead of forcing your decisions on your child, explain your viewpoints on healthy eating and express your love and concern effectively. 

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