How the world worked before the World Wide Web

School projects - WhatsApp groups or Google Docs weren't a thing. Students had to meet up in person to engage in discussion and do their school projects.

Going to the library - Before Google ever existed, people would go to libraries to read actual books and gather information.

Buying albums - People went to stores to get the hottest new albums, as they had buy physical CD or cassette copies.

Letters - Although most people already had landline phones by the time the Internet was invented, in many situations you still had to write letters to contact people.

Fan mail - Back when social media wasn't a thing, the only way to get in touch with your favorite celebrity crush was to send them loads of fan mail and hope they'd bother opening letters.

Newspapers - Every morning, people would get their newspaper delivered, and that would be their principal way of hearing about news. No buzz, no notifications.

Television - With the rise of YouTube, box sets, and streaming services, it's hard for people these days to imagine having to anxiously wait for their fave TV show to air.

Maps - Before the easy access to GPS, we relied on maps or asked for directions in order to get from A to B.

Stalking a crush - Back when you couldn't stalk your crush 24/7 on social media, people would actually make an effort to hang out in person and learn more about each other.

Calling people - And while on the topic of calling people, there were only three sources for recalling phone numbers: your memory, a contact book, or the Yellow Pages.

Shopping - Way before online shopping, people had to fill out forms from catalogs and mail them along with a check. Sometimes it could be months before an order arrived.

Bills - Way before online banking, bills were paid with checks, which had to be mailed to companies.

Play outside - Remember when there was no need convince kids to drop the iPads and go play outside with their friends? 

Computers - Before the Internet became a global phenomenon, people would use gigantic computers for other important things... like playing Solitaire.

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