How to become an early bird

Two types of people: In life, there are the early birds and the late risers. The late risers are often considered lazy.

The early bird catches the worm: The early birds, by contrast, are thought of as energetic and ultimately more productive.

Harmful stereotypes: As problematic as these stereotypes may be (we all have our natural circadian rhythms.

Dealing with the reality: Until society rids itself of the rigid 9 to 5, those people who are able to get up early.

Reason for hope: If you are a late riser and you’re wondering how you can join your early bird friends in their habits.

Start small: When attempting to shift your body clock, it is important to go slow. 

Start small: Start by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier every couple of days.

Don't snooze: Resisting the urge to snooze the alarm may sound like an insurmountable task.

Exposure yourself to light: Exposure to bright light first thing in the morning helps to reset your body clock.

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