How to build self-esteem and confidence in teens

Promote self-improvement: Teens who struggle with a certain skill may tell themselves that they're complete failures.

Promote self-improvement: To promote self-improvement in your teen, help them discover their strengths and their weaknesses.

Praise effort instead of outcome: Rather than praise your teen for getting a good grade on an exam, praise them for all the studying they did.

Praise effort instead of outcome: Your teen can control their effort, but they can't always control the outcome.

Teach assertiveness skills: Teens need to know how to appropriately speak up for themselves. 

Teach assertiveness skills: To teach your teen about being assertive, talk to them about the difference between being assertive and being aggressive.

Encourage new opportunities: Trying new activities and challenging themselves can help grow teens’ confidence.

Encourage new opportunities: Encourage your teen to join a new club, play a musical instrument, or find a part-time job. 

Show them the value of helping: When people get a chance to feel like they're helping someone else.

Show them the value of helping: As a parent, seek out volunteer opportunities for your teen.

Model confidence: Your teen will learn about confidence based on what you say, or don't say, about yourself.

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