How to child-proof your home

Cover electrical outlets: Electrical outlets can pose a real danger to curious babies and toddlers. 

Stair gates: Toddlers love to climb stairs, and that can be a great adventure—as long as they're accompanied.

Cover every angle: Putting a gate at the top of the stairs seems obvious, but don't neglect to protect the bottom end, too. 

Lock drawers and cabinets: Many apparently harmless objects can pose a grave danger to babies and toddlers.

Secure furniture to the wall: Free-standing TVs, framed pictures, shelving units, and cabinets are all well and good.

Fit corner guards: Don't cut corners when it comes to child safety! Prevent little ones from injuring themselves on the sharp edges of tables.

Pack away dangerous items: Babies and small children love nothing more than picking up objects and putting them in their mouths.

Do a sweep for hidden dangers: Make sure items such as jewelry are well out of reach of little hands, too. 

Get glasses (and booze!) out of harm's way: It might be second nature to put down your wine glass on a table.

Never leave an iron unattended: Even if it's switched off, an iron is a danger. It will still be hot if you've used it recently, and the cord poses a strangulation hazard.

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