How to get fit as a family

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Find the time: -Yes, we are all busy. We work, the kids have school, and then we have multiple daily activities and chores. 

It’s good for everyone: -“When we can share in an activity together, that’s more fun and more sustainable.

Ages 2-5: -At this age, you will find that kids want to explore the world around them; they will walk, run, climb, fall over—you name it.

Plan it: -Schedule your family workouts the best you can in advance.

What activities can families do to get fit?: -Of course, physical activity is at the core of getting fit as a family.

Activities: -Now, let’s take a look at the several options available, depending on your kids’ age.

Alternative: -On days that you can't exercise together, but you still have some time together.

Benefits of getting fit: -There are numerous health benefits to getting fit as a family, for both the parents and the children.

Ages 0-1: -Go for a stroll with your baby—and make it a brisk one.

What does it actually mean to get fit as a family?: -There are a combination of lifestyle factors that will determine your level as a family, namely your diet and exercise regime.

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