How to live with your pet if you're allergic

Don’t blame the pet just yet: If you suffer from allergies or a condition such as asthma, being exposed to allergens often triggers symptoms.

Get an allergy test done: A "skin p r i c k" test is a popular choice when it comes to testing for allergens. 

Get an allergy test done: Another one is called an "intradermal skin test," where allergens are injected into the skin.

You may be allergic to your pet…indirectly: It may be that you’re actually not allergic to your cat or dog, but you may test positive for allergens such as dust mites.

It might be a combination of allergens: Sometimes, though, it can be a mix of allergens, e.g. you may be allergic to the proteins in the saliva.

Groom your pet: Allergens in your pet’s hair can be minimized by adopting a regular grooming routine.

Groom your pet: Washing your pet is also a way to clean their fur. This may prove more difficult if you own a cat, but it's still doable.

Groom your pet: When doing so, opt for scent-free shampoo with natural ingredients.

Don’t allow your pet into your bed: Yes, sometimes you just want to cuddle up with your pet, but your bed is also the place where your eyes, nose.

Don’t allow your pet into your bed: There are also other downsides of sleeping with a pet, including them moving a lot during the night.

Make your bedroom a pet-free zone: If you have allergies, you should have a pet-free zone in your house. 

Make your bedroom a pet-free zone: This may require a lot of training. It’s doable for dogs, but cats may be a bit more challenging. 

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